MAY 30 and 31, 2015

10am - 5 pm

rain or shine

Goldie Mill, Guelph

We are very sorry that the Sunday Market has been CANCELLED due to extreme wind and weather. Our many regrets to our customers.

The Potters Market apologies greatly for the large inconvenience and disappointment to its customers that was caused by the Sunday cancellation of the Market. It was a very difficult decision for the vendors to make, but the health and safety of the vendors - and their wares - comes first and foremost.

Although notification about the closure was made here and on Facebook, there are many customers who arrived without knowledge of the cancellation - for which we are very sorry.

Unfortunately, many of the vendors sustained tent damage and pot breakage due to the high winds from the severe thunderstorm on Saturday afternoon. There was also substantial flooding that resulted in damage to display and packing materials. The forecast for Sunday - which was continued rain and high winds - forced the vendors to shut down since it presented further threats to their displays, tents and pottery.

We greatly regret not being open for those customers that braved the rain - since we had said "rain or shine". Unfortunately this tagline doesn't take into consideration "epic rain and wind".
This is the first time in 11 years that we have had to contend with such bad weather, so we expect another great year next year.

Please join us at the new Fall Potters Market on October 17 and 18 at the Aberfoyle Community Centre - in addition to our Spring show at the Mill. See you then.

Sincerely, The Potters Market

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phone: 519-546-2857

POTTERS: The show is now full.

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